Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whew. I FINALLY got back online. It seems I lost my password, and it has taken me all of this time to find it. Must be my age catching up with me.

The wee lil nephew is growing, healthy and happy. I am completely in love with him and has quickly become one of my all time favourite people. Just nestling that tiny body against mine makes everything ok, even if it is a momentary bliss.

My SIL has finally gotten it together enough to take her deadbeat ex to court. She is moving on, finally, and Hubby and I are both very proud of her. We have done all that we can to be supportive of her and to let her know that we are on her side. Unfortunately, she is moving on a bit too quickly and at the end of this month she will be moving in a with a man that she has been dating about 3 weeks.

Hubby and I have not yet met him, so I really can't say what is going on, or if he seems like a guy decent enough to take care of her and her son. I don't mean pay all the bills - but help out, do the step dad thing, be there when she needs a shoulder. I hope so. I honestly do.
Everybody deserves a chance at happiness.

My crazy ass ex husband has been popping up again.
We have been apart for 16 years and he still feels the need to make my life hell. He has been cyber stalking me and, I am fairly certain that he is lunatic that is calling our house at all hours and then just listening...Of course, the number is always blocked. I am seriously mulling over a whole new unlisted number, but that would mess up Hubby and his work connections.
I don't know what to do...I am just so effing tired of this game of his.

The kids are out for the summer and I am happy to have them here. Soon enough they will all be moved out and I know that these days will only be a memory....I seldom see the eldest as it is, she is so busy with boys, school and work.

How about this whole Micheal Jackson debacle?


I can't recall saints and heroes getting the kind of send off that he did! Look, he sang, he danced, he wrote some killer tunes. He also did things most people would consider a sign of serious mental illness (the masks, throwing out his kids every night because he was afraid of germs, and baby dangling, just to name a few).

I feel for the kids. I really do. They are way too young to be orphans (although, if they had a mom they would NOT be) and they must be scared senseless. The good thing to come out of all of this is that they may finally have a chance at a 'normal' life. Maybe now they can play with kids their own age, leave the house without a costume or mask, have relationships with other family members.

I am just so tired of everyone making him out to be some kind of saint. WHAT? Since when do we canonized people that have been accused of child molestation? I can't say if he was guilty or not, but he spoke in an interview about sharing his bed with 12 year old boys.


If it walks like a duck.......

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Walker said...

Only 3 weeks and she is moving in with him.
I don't know.
Either she knew him before hand and doesn't want to show it as a reason of leaving now or she's nuts.
Maybe both.

MJ.... I salute his talent, that's all.
He paid off that lawsuit and to me that's the same as a guilty plee.

He ran away from authorities
That's a guilty plee.
And he is a junkie to boot