Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some People

My husbands family drives me crazy.

No, seriously.

Hubby's niece just had a gorgeous, healthy, baby boy.

We are Caucasian, and the baby daddy is not.

He is Vietnamese.

He is also sweet, and they seem like a happy couple.

The grandmother of the baby wanted to know if we thought that the baby looked 'too Asian' and the great grandmother commented that he didn't look 'too yellow.'

Umm, what??

The family has been blessed with a new member, and this is how they react?

It turns my stomach.

I for one, am thrilled to bits that I have another chance at being an aunt.

I wish that the rest of the family shared our enthusiasm.


Heff said...

If you're striving for racial harmony here, perhaps you shouldn't use terms like "the baby daddy", lol !

Anonymous said...

Lol. My kids use that term, for all races and creed. I actually think a lot of the guy, he is solid.
Anyway, racial harmony may be a stretch. I was just hoping that his grandma's would stop calling him yellow.

Walker said...

Its hard to get old ways out of old minds and sadly it will take a long while for people to become color blind.

In the dark we all look alike

celticgirl said...

Lol, You are so right, Walker.