Friday, February 6, 2009

So I went with my idiot SIL to see her lawyer. She called me, as a last resort, no doubt, to accompany her to the office. Hubby advised against it, but I felt badly for her. I honestly thought that she was serious about leaving the jerk off and thought that somebody in the family should be supportive.

We met with him, the guy that she thought was a 'balmer', like in funeral homes. (Sigh...I tried to explain to that she was thhinking of an enbalmer). Anyway, his name was Balmer or something close to that...He seemed very nice and I think that idiot SIL caught him off guard. He fell for her act and I just know that she will end up with some amount of free work or something. She does that to people. Sucks them in.

That was over a month ago, and I have heard nothing from her since then. I am relieved, honestly, but it pisses me off. Once again, I allowed myself to get sucked in to her shit. Last week her almost-kinda-sorta ex grabbed the kid from school. (The Boy is only 5). Her almost-kinda-sorta ex is a drug addict that is still using. He is always drunk and when he has the money, he spends it all on coke...So he grabs The Boy and SIL throws her hand up in the air like 'what do you do' instead of calling cops.


I wash my hands of the whole thing. Hubby's family has been good to me and they only come calling when they need something.

When will I learn???

In other news............

Excuse me while I gloat.

My second ex husband is a jerk. I don't mean cuz he is my ex, but I mean a real jerk. He has not seen his kids in years, and has not even called them for birthdays or holidays. He lives one town over and has no excuse. His new wife treats my kids like garbage and erases all of the emails that they send to my ex. (She has admitted to this). She is an unhappy, miserable bitch that takes her troubles out on everyone around her.

My ex MIL on the other hand, is a peach. She adores my kids, and my new Hubby. We are terribly close, and I see her at least once a week. She told me a couple of days ago that when her mother passes away (great grandma is nearly 95), I am included in the will. All three of my kids are (two of my kids are steps to great grandma). Ex husband's new wife on the other hand, is not only excluded from the will, but she is not invited to the reading of the will.


I don't even care about the money ($1000). I just LOVE that I was included.

Maybe karma is not a concept, afterall, maybe, it's real :)